Apple iMac G3 'MacAquarium', choice of colours


Shipping to United States: $42.92

First we take a classic Apple iMac G3 with a slot-loading CD/DVD drive on the front, and remove almost all the interior mechanics and components, remembering to properly recycle them, naturally

Then we spend some considerable time carefully modifying the shape and fittings of the interior before cleaning and polishing the housing back to its original condition

Finally, we insert a custom-designed and specially constructed water tank with specially designed filter pump and LED ropelight, fit some customised electrical cabling, and there you have our superb Apple iMac G3 iMacquarium !

MacTechnology are pleased to working in partnership with Jake Harms in the USA - - to bring his superbly-designed aquarium based on Apple's iMac G3 to the UK and Europe

You can now order a finished, complete aquarium from us, with or without pump and lighting, OR send us your own Apple iMac G3 for us to produce your aquarium from your own machine - all you'll need to do is fill with fresh, clean water, and add some small, preferably exotic fish

iMac Colours subject to availability at the time of your order, or let us know if there's a specific colour you'd like and we'll try to find you one !

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