Apple G5 DUAL Processor Plate Clock, with stand & stickers


Shipping to United States: $8.85

Apple's Power Macintosh G5 series had incredibly powerful high-performance processors, which got very, very hot - take a look inside one and you'll find no less than seven fans keeping various areas inside the computer cool at different times

So just to make sure no-one got injured if they popped off the side cover before the computer had cooled down, they put these superb (and rather lovely) aluminium cover plates over the housing where the main processors lived

We've taken a stack of these processor coverplates from the Apple PowerMac G5s that we've converted into tables, and turned them into good old aluminium analogue quartz clocks ...

This item is one of the dual-processor PowerMac G5 coverplates, which is SQUARE, measuring 20cm / 8in across and high

We supply it complete with a socket on the back for wall hanging on a single nail. If you want to stand it on your desk, then a toothpick or similar strut through this same socket works really well

You also receive a set of TEN black & silver Apple logo stickers to personalise your clock ... and we also include an AA battery, naturally

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