Apple 17in iMac Mirror with LED Lighting


Shipping to United States: $40.02

Our Apple iMac mirrors have been one of our best-selling products for many years, but so many buyers have asked if we could produce them with LED lighting, to make a cool dressing table / make-up mirror

So We Have !

If you're a major Apple fan, and you're looking for a really cool - yet practical - item to have in your home, studio or office that declares your enthusiasm for the greatest computers on the planet, then the iMirror from MacTechnology could be exactly what you're looking for ...

The iMirror is produced from the empty white casing of Apple's original. quite lovely iMac G5 with a 17in screen, stripped of all its internal components and the screen replaced with a high-quality, hand cut, polished 6mm thick mirror

We then add our specially designed dimmable LED lighting frame, so you can have the lights at exactly the right brightness for your image

This free-standing iMirror is the whole original computer housing complete with stand, ideal for table-top use in dressing rooms, bedrooms or as a feature in an office

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