Multi-coloured iMac tables, three, four or five units


We all know how classic the iMac G3 is, now you can have an iMac G3 table with TWO, THREE, FOUR or ALL FIVE of the original iMac G3 colours under it !

You'll receive different colours from each of the five original fruit-flavoured colours of iMac G3: Blueberry Blue, Tangerine Orange, Lime Green, Strawberry Red, and the very elusive Grape Purple. Each one will have had the interior workings removed for recycling, and the screens will be replaced by our custom-made smoked acrylic panels.

You can then choose whether you'd like lighting installed into one or all of the housings, before then deciding what table top you'd like - you can choose from acrylic or glass, and square, rectangular, circular, hexagonal or pentagonal.

Finally, if you are on the UK mainland, we'll deliver this table to you, probably in person. If you're in Europe, the selling price will include shipping of the computers but NOT the tabletop - you'll need to source your own tabletop from a local glass supplier, or we can quote you for shipping an acrylic one.

Questions ? Of course - happy to help, please contact us.

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