Apple Logo Stickers in BLACK & SILVER, 40mm across

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Since Apple started, they've always supplied a pair of smart Apple logo stickers with every piece of hardware; even now you get a pair of white Apple logo stickers in a variety of sizes with every Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch.

So we were amazed to be offered these - sets of BLACK & SILVER Apple logo stickers, each on a 40mm circular transparent / invisible backing, set onto a really good, permanent adhesive backing.

Printed using the hotfoil process to a very high quality - the actual dimensions of the logo on the 40mm adhesive disc are 25mm across at the widest point by 30mm from the top of the leaf to the lowest part of the Apple at the bottom.

The printer we got them from told us they were ordered by Apple UK for use at major conferences & other events, probably to apply onto badges, folders, signage and other places, but they ordered far too many and have never requested the ones they didn't need.

So here they are - a set of TWO, FIVE or TEN Apple logo stickers in BLACK or SILVER on a transparent circular background, each 40mm across

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