Apple iMac G3 Table Conversion Kit


Apple's original iMac G3s are a classic design icon, but as computers they're now sadly well beyond offering any useful functionality

Perhaps you have one of them sitting around looking for a new use, or know someone that does ?

Maybe it's now time to put your beloved Apple iMac G3 to good use ? If you've got an original Apple iMac G3 hidden away in a cupboard, a stockroom or up in your attic, then you could have your own Apple iMac G3 Table .....

The Apple iMac G3 Table is produced from any Apple iMac G3, any colour, any model ... all you need is your iMac to use with our patented Apple iMac G3 Table Conversion kit

We'll supply you with:
- The iMac G3 Table Conversion Support for your iMac G3 - fully patented, specially designed & custom-made in the UK
- a set of high-quality polyurethane bumpers to level your table top on the iMac
- an optional clear 6mm acrylic table top in your choice of shape
- easy-to-follow instructions on how to clean your iMac G3 and optionally remove all the non-essential internal components to make your iMacs safe for long-term use as a table ....
- NB: no tools, glue or any other accessories are needed for assembly of this table unless you want to remove any of the internal components

PLEASE NOTE - a choice of table tops are available with this kit, in various sizes and styles, either in clear 6mm acrylic or reinforced glass or order just the conversion kit and we can advise you where you can order a glass top in any shape, size, colour or finish that you'd like ...

The result is an ideal table for a company reception area, design or music studio, or something very different in your home

Height - 40cm / 16in
Width - 38cm / 15in + width of your tabletop
Depth - 44cm / 17in + depth of your tabletop

** REMEMBER - no tools, glue or other accessories are required for assembly **

NB - please be sure to order the correct kit for your iMac G3 - either for the original 'Rev A&B' with drawer-loading CD drive version, or the later 'Rev C&D' with a slot-loading CD/DVD drive on the front

And if you've got any iMacs sitting around that you'd like to see get a new use in a new home, please let us know ..... we'll collect them from you - email us at imacs [!at]

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