Apple PowerMac G5 Dual coffee or reception table, with table top


Apple's PowerMac G5 series was an amazing machine - the power & speed was incredible and the technology used in their aluminium frame construction was breathtaking - just remove the side access panel on one and take a look !

The first generation of Mac Pro was built on the same chassis, but the original G5 remains a classic design icon, although as a computer it's now sadly beyond offering much useful functionality

So we are happy to put TWO amazing PowerMac G5s to good use - say hello to a very special, limited-edition range of the DUAL PowerMac G5 Table .....

This Dual PowerMac G5 Table is produced from two of the original Apple PowerMac G5s in their aluminium housing, specially cleaned with the side access panel and many of the internal components removed to reduce weight, to which we've added a set of high-quality polyurethane bumpers which support a high-quality 6mm thick, clear square or rectangular high-quality acrylic or reinforced glass table top

This is an ideal table for a reception area, design studio, music studio or something very different in your home

Height - 56cm / 22in
Width - 50cm / 20in
Length - 50cm / 20in OR 100cm / 39.5in


Some additional notes:

- Cosmetic condition of machines: the machines we supply have been used in corporate or educational environments, and will therefore NOT be in totally pristine condition. We work very hard cleaning them and returning them to as close to new condition as possible, but some will still have indelible and non-removable security etchings or other minor security attachment markings

- Working order: many of the machines we have available are in full working order before we remove the internal components; if you would like one (or both) in working order when you receive it, please let us know when you order and we'll do our best for you. You will receive a machine with an erased hard drive and the original amount of RAM supplied when the machine was new; we can re-install an operating system and additional RAM on request, please ask us for a quotation

- Custom Table Top: If you would like a colour tinted or custom-designed table top in acrylic or glass, in your choice of size, shape, finish or tinted colour, please contact us for options

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