Apple adhesive 'Domed' case badge in BLACK, 25x25mm


Shipping to United States: $2.00

Here's a truly unique item for all real Apple collectors ....

The company that makes these 'domed' self-adhesive badges are actually in the UK, have been in business for over 50 years, and way back in the 1980s they were the only company outside the USA who were licenced by Apple to produce these genuine Apple Logo adhesive badges

There's some history to this too -

Back in Apple's very busy early 1980s, during the explosive success of the multi-million-selling Apple II series, their customers in the USA were buying every external floppy drive that Apple USA was making.

Which meant for Europe, Apple had to order a large number of an alternative drive direct from an OEM manufacturer in Japan, but these drives arrived at Apple's European distribution facility in Cork, Ireland without an Apple logo badge on them, so Apple commissioned a small company in the UK to produce the missing self-adhesive Apple multicolour logo badge for applying to these drives.

Luckily for us, this company is still in business today, and is still licenced to produce Apple logo case badges ...

This is an Apple Black Logo case badge, self-adhesive, 25x25mm in size, 'domed' with a clear, non-scratch, non-fade, UV-stable plastic lens

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