Apple iMac G3 table lamp


Shipping to United States: $37.91

All our iMacaquarium buyers have said they love the LED rope lighting that we install, and they often use their aquariums for very effective mood lighting in their homes or offices.

So why didn't we think of turning iMacs into lamps in their own right ? Well, we didn't, but one of our table buyers certainly did, and when we saw their photos we obviously knew these needed to be made available for everyone .... so here they are !

Firstly, we take an Apple iMac G3, either the earlier drawer-loading CD design, or the later slot-loading CD/DVD drive version, and remove all the interior electronics and mechanics, remembering to recycle all the components properly, of course.

Then we fit one of our specially designed smoked grey acrylic panels to the area where the monitor used to be, to make the computer still look complete.

Finally we securely install a standard 240v batten BC-bayonet lamp holder - the type that you usually see hanging from a ceiling - onto the floor of the iMac housing, complete with a switched 3m mains cable and 13amp UK plug running from the rear of the unit.

And there you have it - the Apple iMac G3 Lamp

We include a standard bulb to get you started, but you can choose which type you'd like to install, or use one of your own - because there's no shade and plenty of ventilation, you can use any brightness of bulb you want (our photos show our lamp with a 60w bulb installed)

PLUS - if you want to add one of our tabletop kits to your lamp, we'll give you a 50% discount on the kit if you order it at the same time ......

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