A classic Apple Tie from the Tie Studio, London


Shipping to United States: $2.00

This is a classic 'Apple' Tie, originally designed and manufactured by The Tie Studio of London during the mid-1990s, which they agreed to reintroduced exclusively for MacTechnology since 2010

During the 1990s, this design briefly appeared at The Tie Studio shops and their resellers, but was forgotten when they had all been sold. We'd known about this tie for number of years, but when we actually found one in a charity shop, we contacted The Tie Studio, who agreed to produce them again - exclusively for MacTechnology.

The design is great - it's a photo-like image of a whole bunch of green and red Apples of various types, both untouched and in various states of peeling and slicing ... Produced in high-quality, washable polyester, the tie is 10cm across at the widest point, and is a really good quality finish, as all ties from The Tie Studio are ...

This item is a brand new Apple Tie produced exclusively for MacTechnology by the The Tie Studio of London ... the perfect gift for Apple computer users, apple growers, apple juice drinkers, apple fruit eaters, Apple Record Company executives ... or anyone else who works for a different company called Apple - and there's a few of them - or has anything else to do with Apples of any sort ...

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