Apple iMac G5 Promotional Postcards from 2005 - Collectable


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When Apple launch a landmark new computer, they certainly know the best ways to promote it .. take this postcard for example.

Back in 2005, Apple's original iMac G5 was a beautiful computer and an amazing feat of technology; smaller, slimmer and lighter than the previous G4 iMacs, Apple managed to build-in a raft of new multimedia capabilities including an iSight webcam. Needless to say it sold in it's many, many millions, like all Apple iMacs have done.

And when Apple were launching the iMac G5 series, they produced and gave away many promotional items, including these postcards, which feature the standard advert photo of the iMac on the front, with all the amazing technikcal specifications on the back.

These cards are quality-printed, full-colour heavyweight card, each one is 110mm / 4.25in wide x 165mm / 6.5in high.

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