Apple iMac G3 Snow White Table with Limited Edition 'Apple' Logo table top


Now here's a very unique version of our iMac G3 table
 for all you die-hard apple fans out there ... !

Apple's iMac G3 was an amazingly advanced computer when it was originally launched, and like many Macs is a classic design icon, but as a computer it's now sadly well beyond offering any useful functionality.

So it's now time to put one of the last version of the iMac G3 to good use - say hello to a very special, limited-edition model of the iMac G3 Table .....

This superb table is produced from the last-ever model of iMac G3 in Snow White, with a slot-loading CD/DVD optical drive

 The Apple iMac has been specially cleaned, has had all the internal components removed to reduce weight, is fitted with one of our custom-designed & fully-patented iMac G3 Table Conversion Supports, specially designed and made in the UK, and added a set of high-quality polyurethane bumpers which supports a rather special, limited edition table top

But look closer - the table top is totally unique - it's a 50cm circular, 6mm thick, fully reinforced high-resin glass table top with the Apple logo precision-etched in a choice of colours on the underside of the table - it looks fantastic !

This is an ideal table for a reception area, design studio, music studio or something very different in your home !

 Height - 40cm / 16in, 
Width - 50cm / 20in
, Depth - 50cm / 20in

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